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Attorney John Webb is committed to client satisfaction through outstanding representation, clear communication, and responsiveness to client concerns. His multiple 5 star reviews speak to the high level of satisfaction of his prior clients. See our client reviews at our business site and AVVO. Client reviews include:

  • John Webb took care of everything efficiently and was very, very compassionate towards my needs and concerns involving my case. He believed in me and was willing to do whatever he could to make sure things ended in my favor. He kept an open line of communication to the very end and what he charged me was reasonable. Hopefully I will never need another attorney but of I do I can't imagine using anyone who isn't John Webb! Thank you so much for your time and all of your hard work!!!
  • I highly recommend Attorney John P. Webb who represented my father through this difficult criminal process and gave us fantastic results. Though we never got to meet him (John) in person because we reside in another state, my father always spoke great about him. John kept in constant communication with us every step of the way and we could not be any happier with his service and can-do attitude. Anyone looking for a positive and professional attorney, please seek help through John P. Webb. You will not be disappointed.
  • John is a powerhouse attorney that delivers exceptional results. He handled my case with precision and impeccable attention to detail which resulted in a flawless outcome. His track record for getting justice served speaks for itself. I appreciate him getting my case dismissed in such a timely manner with little to no effort on my behalf. John is fearless and is not afraid to take on a challenge and nail it! No matter what size the case, John is the perfect guy for the job!!
  • Attorney John is a very professional person. he was able to walk me through what we were going to do to get my case dismissed. he was so nice in being reasonable with his fees, he even paid for my breakfast meal at a local cafe by the court house. he helped me get my case resolved in a professional manner. he was so easy to reach whenever i needed to speak to him. I would definitely recommend Mr. John Webb.
  • Attorney John Webb represented my husband in a criminal case with theft of property. The outcome was in our favor and dismissed. John had compassion to our needs and he worked very hard to make this a successful outcome. I would recommend him to anyone.
  • Case dismissed. I was facing a dui and open container. John Webb's attention to detail and knowledge of the courthouse made all the difference. The moment I mentioned this attorney's name I saw the respect in the judge's eyes. I have much gratitude but moreso respect for this man.
  • I highly recommend John. He’s the best lawyer I have ever known. He got me out of trouble that seems almost impossible.
  • I can't say enough good things about John Webb from the first phone call to the last court date I felt like I really had somebody in my corner. Anytime I called I never got an assistant I always got him personally and he was always willing to walk me through everything I needed to know. He had a plan and I never had to worry about anything all I had to do was show up. Anybody that has been through the legal system knows that it can take it's toll all you it feels like the world is against you. With John as my lawyer I never felt that way I actually felt like I was in control and I knew what the outcome was gonna be before I even showed up for court and that to me is worth it's wait in gold. short of having a father bro sister who is a big time criminal lawyer you can't possibly hope to do better than John Webb. thanks again john hopefully I won't be needing your services again but if so I know the only call I will make.