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Charge: Felony Theft over $10,000.

Potential Sentence: 3-15 years

Result: Dismissed.

Client was originally charged with misdemeanor joyriding for taking his girlfriends truck without her permission and pled guilty in exchange for a probationary sentence.  Several months later, the District Attorney’s Office decided to indict the client for Felony Theft based upon the exact same incident for which he had already pled guilty.  The client hired John to represent him during this felony prosecution.  John successfully argued a motion to dismiss the indictment based upon the District Attorney’s Office attempt to prosecute our client twice for the same conduct.  All charges were dismissed.

Charge: Felony Possession of Marijuana.

Potential Sentence: 1-6 years

Result: Dismissed.

Police initiated a traffic stop of our client based upon an accusation that he was playing the music in his car too loudly, in violation of a local noise ordinance.  During the course of the traffic stop, the Officer convinced our client to consent to a search of his vehicle.  The search revealed one (1) pound of marijuana in the trunk of his car and resulted in a charge of felony possession.  After a review of the relevant noise ordinance, obtaining a copy of the Officer’s in-car video and cross-examining the Officer in three (3) separate hearings, John was able to have the charges dismissed three (3) times based upon the Officer’s unlawful traffic stop of my client.  The charges were first dismissed in the local Municipal Court after a full hearing and determination that the traffic stop was illegal.  The charges were dismissed again in the General Sessions Court after a preliminary hearing with a finding by the Judge that the traffic stop was illegal.  And finally, after the State again persisted with a felony indictment in Circuit Court, John successfully convinced the Judge to suppress all of the evidence obtained as a result of the illegal traffic stop which resulted in the charges being dismissed a third and final time.

Charges: Felony Possession of Cocaine, Felony Possession of Marijuana and Possession of a Handgun During Commission of Dangerous Felony.

Potential Sentence: 8-30 years; 1-6 years; and 3-5 years mandatorily consecutive to other charges

Result: 2 years probation.

Police were investigating a person with a long history of drug possession and sales.  After this person made a sale to a confidential informant, police followed him and observed that he made a visit to our client’s home.  Based upon nothing more than this one visit, the police obtained a search warrant for our client’s home believing that evidence of drug activity would be found there.  The search resulted in the police finding and our client was charged with possession of felony amounts of marijuana, cocaine as well as possession of a handgun during a dangerous felony.  After being retained, John filed a motion to suppress the evidence found in our client’s home based upon the lack of probable cause contained in the search warrant.  Based upon the issues raised in the motion to suppress, the district attorney’s office agreed to dismiss the felony possession of cocaine as well as the gun charge.  Client received two years probation for the possession of marijuana.

Charges: Felony Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Felony Maintaining a Dwelling for Purpose of Drug Use.

Potential Sentence: 1-6 years; 11 months and 29 days; and 2-12 years

Result: Misdemeanor probation of 11 months and 29 days with dismissal and expungement from record after completion.

Client was living in a student housing apartment at a local university.  His roommate was suspected of selling marijuana from the residence.  Police obtained a search warrant for the apartment based upon a sale the roommate made with a confidential informant at the apartment.  When officers executed the search warrant, they entered our client’s bedroom and discovered a substantial amount of marijuana.  Client was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor.  Once retained, John filed a motion to suppress the evidence found in our client’s bedroom based upon errors and omissions contained in the search warrant.  The district attorney’s original settlement offer before John filed the motion to suppress was a felony conviction and jail time.  After filing the motion to suppress, the settlement offer was to plea to a misdemeanor with no jail time and an agreement that the charge could be expunged from his record after one (1) year.

Charges: Felony Grow Operation of Over 100 Marijuana Plants;  Felony Maintaining a Dwelling for Purpose of Drug Use; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Felony Interference with Utility Lines; and Felony Theft of Services Over $60,000.

Potential Sentence: 8-30 years; 2-12 years; 11 month and 29 days; 1-6 years; and 8-30 years

Result: 2 years probation with charges dismissed and expunged from record after completion.

Police were called by a neighbor to investigate a possible domestic violence situation at our client’s home.  The client and his girlfriend were cuban immigrants and did not speak any english.  When police arrived they claimed that they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the home and entered without verbal consent or waiting for a translator to arrive on the scene.  A large scale marijuana grow operation was discovered by the officers and the client was arrested and charged with several serious felony drug charges. John filed a motion to suppress all of the evidence based upon the officer’s illegal entry of the home and a faulty search warrant.  Based upon the issues raised in the motion, the district attorney’s office went from offering my client a lengthy prison sentence to two (2) years probation with the right to have the charges expunged from his record after his successful completion of the probation.

Charge: Felony Aggravated Assault

Potential Sentence: 3-15 years

Result: Not Guilty

Client was confronted at a friend’s apartment and was later attacked in the parking lot by a romantic rival.  The fight broke out between the client and the rival as well as several other individuals who were present.  During the brawl, the rival was stabbed in the back and suffered serious bodily injury.  The romantic rival told police that our client was the one that stabbed her, despite all of the confusion and the many people involved which resulted in the client being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  John Webb, the Domestic Violence Attorney, was able to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and the circumstances that led to the fight.  The case eventually went to a jury trial where John was able to demonstrate through eye witness testimony and the romantic rivals prior statements on social media that she had lied about the events leading up to the fight as well as about the fight itself.  Client was found Not Guilty of all charges.

Charges: First Degree Murder and Aggravated Burglary. 

Potential Sentence: 25 years to Life Imprisonment and 3-15 years.

Result: Voluntary Manslaughter, 8 years to serve.

Charges: Felony Possession with Intent to Sell Marijuana and Window Tint Violation

Potential Sentence: 4-6 years.

Result: Conviction Overturned on Appeal.

Client was targeted by Franklin Police Dept. for a drug interdiction traffic stop based upon an anonymous tip.  Franklin Police set up surveillance of client and initiated a traffic stop for a window tint violation.  Once stopped, a K-9 unit was utilized to gain probable cause to search client’s vehicle.  Approximately 5 1/2 ounces of marijuana was located during the search as well as multiple cell phones that contained incriminating information regarding drug sales.

John filed and successfully argued a series of Motions that ultimately led to the client being exonerated of all charges.  (1) John successfully argued a motion to withdraw the client’s initial guilty plea; (2) John won a motion to suppress the results of the warrantless search of the client’s cell phones; and (3) Despite being convicted at trial, the client’s conviction was overturned by the Court of Criminal Appeals because they decided that John’s Motion to Suppress all of the State’s evidence should have been granted by the trial court due to an illegal search of client’s car that was supported by a bad K-9 search.

Charge: Violation of Felony Probation

Potential Sentence: 2 years and loss of Judicial Diversion

Result:  Probation Reinstated and Judicial Diversion was Preserved

Client was on 2 years probation with Judicial Diversion (Judicial Diversion allows the criminal charges to be dismissed and expunged once probation is successfully completed).  With only months left on probation, the client was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.  John was able to successfully negotiate a resolution with the State whereby the client would remain on probation instead of serving his sentence in jail.  John was also able to convince the State to agree that the client’s judicial diversion should not be revoked.  Client now has a second chance to complete probation and avoid having any conviction on his record.

Charge: Domestic Assault

Potential Sentence: 11 months and 29 days

Result: Charge was Retired and subsequently Dismissed and Expunged.

The client was charged in relation to a physical altercation with an immediate family member.  Successfully negotiated an agreement with the State, that allowed our client to attend anger management classes in exchange for having the charge dismissed and expunged.

Charge: Theft of Property over $10,000

Potential Sentence: 1-2 years

Result: Charge was Retired and subsequently Dismissed and Expunged.

The client was charged with theft due to a dispute she had with her car rental provider over how long she was contractually allowed to possess the vehicle. 

Charge: Possession of Marijuana

Potential Sentence: 1 yr

Result: Charge Dismissed

The client was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in a federal park.  The officer smelled the odor of marijuana and discovered a small amount inside the vehicle.  John negotiated a dismissal of the charge with the Assistant United States Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee.

Charges: Theft of Property over $60,000 and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon

Potential Sentence: 8-12 years and 30 days

Result: Charges Retired

Client was arrested after a traffic stop for being in possession of a stolen vehicle and possessing a firearm.  Client was an employee of a local auto mechanic shop and was delivering the vehicle to another auto shop for a specialized repair when he was pulled over.  Successfully negotiated with the State to retire the charges in light of evidence we brought forth regarding both his relationship to the auto mechanic shop and his having nothing to do with the original theft out of the State of Florida.

Charge: Felony Possession of Schedule IV Controlled Substance (Khat)

Potential Sentence: 2-4 years

Result: Case Dismissed

The client was working at a barber shop in Nashville when metro police raided the shop and located a felony quantity of khat.  The client was not the owner of the business, nor was he in actually physical possession of any narcotics, observed selling or using the narcotics.  Nevertheless, he was arrested and charged with possessing the khat with the intention of selling it.  John successfully negotiated a dismissal of the charge due to a lack of evidence.

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